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PLACE: Explanada Estadio Monumental
Explanada Estadio Monumental is a explanade at the Monumental Stadium in Lima, Peru.
TIME: January 28, 2014
TICKETS: S/.690 | S/.502 | S/.350 | S/.176

El Perú continua como una parada indiscutible para el kpop en América. El fenómeno no se detiene y ahora celebra una nueva fecha con la llegada de CN Blue a Lima, quienes llegan al continente por segunda vez para tocar en México, Chile y Perú. La cita será martes 28 de enero en la explanada sur del Estadio Monumental.

CN Blue está conformada por Jung YongHwa, Lee JongHyun, Kang Min Hyuk y Lee Jung Shin, quienes resaltan en la industria del kpop por interpretar sus propios instrumentos. Las entradas están a la venta a través de Punto Ticket de Ripley y Phantom. Los precios son así:cuadro-precios

Burning – S/. 690
Lovely – S/. 502
Untouchable – S/. 350
Emotional – S/. 176

Habrá un 10% de descuento en la preventa del 17 de diciembre al 5 de enero. Las entradas no son numeradas.



The concert in Lima, Peru was another first for the band. The city's newspaper, El Comercio, covered the event, documenting the growing popularity of k-pop in Peru, from JYJ's 2012 concert, thru 2013's list of shows, which included Super Junior and Kim Hyun Joong, among others. The articles cite differences with previous k-pop's scenic choreographies and CN Blue's live music, played by musicians.

The band chose Peru, along with Mexico and Chile, where record sales had peaked. Local media filmed videos of fans singing the band's songs, dressed in traditional Peruvian clothing for the airport greeting, and an announcement of the band's travel plans (visits to an art museum, Government Palace, Park of the Exposition's gardens and a local restaurant). The city's k-pop internet radio station, Radio Kpopway's DJ, videoed some of the concert for YouTube.

Events included a press conference and a promotional fan Meet and Greet. The concert was listed in's Peru Travel section, stating that South Korean rock and pop bands were coming to Lima in increasing numbers. A late concert venue change took the concert to the busy vacation area of Costa Verde, Miraflores District, which made Lee Jong-hyun happy, as he said the beach reminded him of his birthplace city of Busan.