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AMI Live is a company dedicated to live entertainment with operations in all of Latin America, Asia and part of Europe. In particular AMI concentrates most of its activities in the following countries: Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica in Latin America and in Asia, in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea and Spain and Portugal in Europe. We are also in the process of opening markets in the Middle East and Oceania.

We promote a wide variety of different activities, from live concerts (indoors and outdoors), stage performances, exhibits, sports and family entertainment events. With these diverse activities added to our firm belief in the Latin American, Southeast Asia and Southwest European markets, AMI guarantees that in these, there is a wide variety of entertainment possibilities, thus being able to compete directly and at the highest levels of major world capitals and therefore reaching a wide and diverse audience all year round.

The infrastructure of this offer is guaranteed by each of the parts that make up the entertainment industry chain which includes everything from concert promotion working through associations with governments, venues, private promoters, all the way to the sale of tickets and entertainment hall management.

AMI has sold more than 3,500,000 tickets throughout its existence through associated companies. But what is most important to us is being able to afford the public with a ticket to entertainment. The change of cultural habits in Latin American consumers has contributed to making the region an mandatory stop in the tours of big international artists.

Our company’s history is full of alliances with sponsors and local promoters that are among the largest and most important companies at a national and international level and also with the main suppliers of entertainment content in the world.

We have been recognized internationally as a company that is expanding rapidly and with an excellent reputation. Without a doubt our greatest recognition comes from the public which demands quality and innovation and they consist of one and a half million people in the ten years of AMI’s history.


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